The test blast performed by Abacus was very limited in size (about 16 holes), and performed under ideal conditions. KGHM has stated that, based on those test blast results, a full sized blast (about 60 holes, 4 times bigger than the test blast) should not produce any noise or vibration problems. KAPA believes that given the proximity of the mine to the city the KGHM reassurances are insufficient, and that the EAO should compel the proponent to conduct a full size blast, independently monitored for vibration, noise and fugitive dust both within and outside the perimeter of the mine property.

Blasting Questions Submitted to the AIR/EIS during Public Comment Period

1. Why has the proponent not been required to perform a blast test of the size that will be used during normal mine operations in order that a true assessment can be made of the noise and vibration produced? That should be a requirement which must be met and the results made public before the application is allowed to proceed. 

2. Would daily notification and posting of blasting times and duration that will impact public utilization of Goose Lake road, (Sound, ground vibration/air over pressure and particulate/emissions fallout) be forthcoming and user friendly to the local and community population? 

3. When will “Production Blasting” differences from the documented test blast study of Feb. 2011, sound, ground vibration and air over pressure be demonstrated and documented? Will this be required prior to the EAO final review of same? 

4. Will the proponent also be required to perform the above noted test blast on a day when the prevailing wind is blowing from the southwest in order that the amount and dispersion of fugitive dust produced by the blast can be measured? 

5. What do emulsion explosives include? This should be covered in Section 3.11:  Explosives Manufacturing and Storage 

6. What chemical compounds are used in the original chemical reactions as reactants? 

7. What compounds are produced at each stage throughout the chemical reaction process? 

8. What chemical products are produced in the final stages of the process? 

9. What is the particulate matter size of these products from the drilling and blasting process? 

10. Will ultra-fine aluminum powder be used in the explosives? 

11. Will the explosives log that records the amount and types of inputs be disclosed to the public?