Closure and Reclamation Questions

3.18 Closure and Reclamation 

1. When considering the impact of the proposed mine (should it be approved) will the government require the establishment of a compensation fund to be used to cover adverse socio-economic impacts caused by the mine. This fund would cover such things as (but not limited to): 

  • environmental damage to water flows or pollution leaked into Peterson Creek, Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River. 
  • health effects. The mine is certain to release quantities of dust into the air which will be blown over Kamloops. Dust causes respiratory diseases. 
  • the costs of air monitoring on a continuing basis both of the Kamloops air shed in general, and of monitors at schools, hospital, seniors residences etc. 
  • damage to the infrastructure of Kamloops. This could be significant given the existing water and land slippage problems in Aberdeen. 
  • declines in real property values. There is already scholarly evidence that the closer residential properties are to a surface mine site (e.g. open pit) the greater the decline in property value. 

2. How much will the bond be? 

3. How is the amount of the bond determined?