Critical Issues

During the January to March 2012 Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) public consultation period on the proposed KGHM Ajax mine, KAPA submitted a large number of questions on a wide variety of issues. The format of the draft Application Information Requirements/Environmental Impact Statement (AIR/EIA) document was followed, and the numbers preceding each question are those of the relevant section. Please take the time to review the KAPA questions, links to which are provided below. All of these issues are critical and must be fully addressed by both the proponent and the BC Government if the environmental review is to be conducted as thoroughly as has been promised by  (then) Environment Minister, the Hon. Terry Lake.

The KAPA submission to the EAO concerning the KGHM Ajax open pit mine proposal identified a number of critical issues which KAPA believes must be satisfactorily addressed before this proposal can proceed any further. The questions raised by KAPA are listed below by topic.