Explosives Questions Submitted to EAO

3.11 Explosives Manufacturing and Storage 

1. How many tonnes of ANFO and other explosive material will be stored at the Ajax mine? 

2. If there is a catastrophic explosion in the explosives storage bunker, what will be the extent of the blast zone? 

3. What distance is required of an explosives storage facility from a public road? 

4. What type of storage facility construction is required for the ANFO and where would the “watergel” (Tovex? sodium nitrate, aluminum nitrate), a water pollutant, be stored that is documented as being used to increase the demolition power? 

5. Where would the assembling and blending of Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil as well as “watergel” additive take place? Waste deposited? 

6. Since the transportation of explosives daily is across Goose Lake road and Peterson Creek and this public road access is between the storage facility and the open pit for use therein, how will the mine provide public/water safety?