Geology Questions


3.1 Geology 

There is no reference to geotechnical studies which address the possible effects of the massive weight of the waste rock piles on the substrata, and possibly on the ground water in the Aberdeen area. 

The Project description (PD) states that the North Waste Dump (NWD) will contain 728 million tonnes of rock, and the East Waste Dump (EWD) will contain 420 million tonnes. In addition, there will be 2 overburden stockpiles (adjacent to the waste rock dumps) which will contain a total of 7.5 million tonnes. This gives a total of 1 billion, 155 million, 500 thousand tonnes of rock pressing down on the substrata immediately uphill of Aberdeen, which already has significant excess groundwater and ground slippage problems which require the operation of a number of wells, and the monitoring of piezometers registering ground movement. 

1. What studies have been done to address the above noted? These geotechnical studies should be done and the results made public before the application is allowed to proceed. 

Geology maps in the Afton Mining Camp area indicate potential for mining of additional copper deposits. 

1. What is the spatial extent of the mining claims in this area? 

2. Does KGHM Ajax have further plans for developing other mineral claims in the area?