Goose Lake Road Community 

Note: Since these questions were posed, the mine plan was changed to include a tailings reservoir covering Goose Lake, part of Goose Lake Road, and environs.

1. What would be the Environmental impacts of the installation of an over head transportation route across the Goose Lake road if this method is chosen by the mine and what local traffic problems would be involved during installation? 

2. What regulation regarding the distance of inset from the immediate edge of the Goose Lake Road is required for the continuous haul trucks dumping waste rock and consequently impacting the traffic due to the particulate/emissions/vibration? What studies have been done to indicate the degree of potential for road bank shifting/sliding during this working process? 

3. What tests have been done in the east waste rock area shadowing the Goose Lake Road to ascertain the ground stability when under compaction/pressure and vibration of waste rock and equipment over time and depth? 

4.   What studies have been done to determine how the Mine Site Activities will impact the use of Goose Lake Road as an Educational Facility? Goose Lake Road is currently used by TRU and School Buses/cars to transport students a number of times a year to study the beaver and bird population and habitat? Goose Lake is designated an Educational Resource B.C. Lake (Victoria Information Guide) 

5. What studies have been done to determine the impact on the recreational individuals and clubs utilizing the Goose Lake Road on a regular basis for, personal fitness? (Bikers, joggers, walkers, bird identification groups, Orienteering club, etc.) 

6. What study has been done to insure the safety/health and time schedule of the two Elementary School children that are transported to the Pacific Way School each morning at 7:50 and return home between 2:50 and 4:00P.M.?(Week days). This is deemed by Gov. as a School Bus Route. What studies are being conducted to provide documentation as to the possible health issues the impact may impose over their school years? 

7. What study has been done to confirm safe/healthy access on Goose lake Road for many (six in our family) working adults, allowing them to maintain normal traffic flow for job locations as well as Kamloops businesses several (often in access of 14 times in our family) times per/day? 

8. What Studies document the sustainability of the introduced Burrowing Owl population, the raptor population, the Beaver population and other birds and wildlife common to the Goose Lake Road environment and its educational benefits when impacted by the Mine site and waste rock production? 

9. What drainage/sloughing measures have been studied to balance the height, width and composition of the waste rock area when it has been sprayed with water or the rains or snow melt cause runoff down slopes toward the public Goose Lake road and Peterson creek? 

10. What noise levels from equipment and activity: to include “constant back up loud beeping signals”, blasting, vibration and air over pressure, crushing and grinding operations, construction and truck hauling, on a 24hr. 23 year schedule are deemed by Gov. to be acceptable for a rural population? This includes the public Goose Lake Road and home locations.