Reclamation Questions

 Note:  Since these questions were posed, the new mine plan has changed the tailings storage facility from a dry stack to a tailings reservoir.

SECTION 3.18.1: Tailings Storage Facility Reclamation: Describes the tailings stack will be covered with a "closure dry cover", which is placed over the entire tailings surface area. 

1. What is the detailed description of this? 

2. It doesn't state it will be covered with top soil. Only the Waste Rock Management Facilities will be graded and covered with topsoil, seeding and mulch (Page 26, SECTION 3.9). Could more information about the closure dry cover be provided? 

3. How long will the “closure dry cover last”? 

4. Will it require maintenance after a few years? 

5. There is no reference to plans to enclose this mine site with a fence. Such a fence is critical to ensuring the safety of people, cattle and wildlife.