Waste Rock Storage Questions


3.8 Waste Rock Storage and Ore Stockpiles 

1. What geotechnical studies have been required or will be required of the proponent designed to determine the effect on the substrata of the weight of the waste rock storage and ore stockpiles, the total of which is estimated by Abacus to be 1 billion, 155 million, 500 thousand tonnes over 23 years? Bearing in mind the existing water and ground shifting problems already present in the Aberdeen area immediately below the mine site, the consequences of the pressure of this vast amount of rock could prove disastrous for the infrastructure, and for the residents living in this area. 

2. Have any geotechnical studies been done regarding the stability of the slope between the proposed East Waste Rock Facility and the community of Knutsford and Highway 5A and how this stability might be affected by this waste rock facility?