Ajax Lead and the Brain

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on April 15th, 2013 10:38am

The following letter was written by a local doctor and submitted to us for posting to the website. It is regarding the affects of lead on the brain..


For decades lead has been linked to impaired brain development in children.However new medical studies show that lead does more than degrade IQ and learning ability.It hits areas of the prefrontal cortex that control aggression,emotion regulation and impulse control.Degradation in these areas practically defines the profile of a violent young offender.

Researchers like Jessica Wolpaw Reyes,a public health professor at Amhearst College and Howard Mielke,a professor at Tulane University have found correlations between violent crime,degradation of IQ,early dementia and soil lead levels,the soil of which becomes airborne with mining activity.Research was conducted from 1937 through 2009 and led to the legislated ban on leaded gasoline worldwide.

The only safe environmental lead level is zero.

The Ajax mine would cover Kamloops in a lead laced toxic cloud of silica particles and other lethal oxidants[particulates] such as arsenic, uranium, cadmium, mercury, contributing to generations of brain disease,occurring in-utero as well,with its attendant chromosomal abnormalities.


Dennis Karpiak MD FRCPC FCCP


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