Asarco Mine in Arizona - very similar to Ajax

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on February 14th, 2012 6:47am


The following video and map deal with the Asarco Mine, near Sahuarita, Arizona, USA. The town is about 10 kilometres from the open pit. The dimensions of the mine are similar to ( but slightly larger than) those of the proposed KGHM - Ajax mine, with a pit 2.5 miles long X 1.5 miles wide and 1200 feet deep.   The mine has 618 employees. Dust has become a major issue for the people of Sahurita, as the video clearly shows. What KGHM Ajax must now explain is what new technology have they discovered that will prevent a similar dispersion of dust over Kamloops, where some residences are about 1 to 2 kilometres away from the mine site. The proposed KGHM Ajax mine is too darn close to the city. Are they proposing to use water, given all the water problems Aberdeen has? Will they use dust suppressants of some kind, only for those products to be blown over the city. Too many questions, and too few answers coming from the government or the proponent.

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