Cathy McLeod Letter to Peter Kent - Dec 1, 2011

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on December 6th, 2011 1:17pm

Attached is a copy of the letter MP Cathy McLeod delivered to Federal Environmental Minister Peter Kent on December 1st. We have posted it here for public viewing. 

The letter is available here.


Rob Purdy on 2011-12-06 22:42:37

It looks like the Polish parent company is currently deciding if they want to take the next investment step in the Ajax project. Maybe it would be timely to ensure the parent company is aware of concerns of Kamloops citizens - perhaps send them some email and letters. Here is the link to KGHM management. Here is the link to their Polish addresses: It looks like their email addresses are first intitial (period) last name @

Lance Weisser on 2011-12-09 19:27:47

I am heartened by The Honourable Cathy McLeod's letter to Minister Kent expressing our collective concerns regarding the proximity of this proposed mine to our city. As Kamloops expands, it may well wish to set this land aside, reserved for future residential purposes. Considering the size of unpopulated regions of British Columbia, which are themselves rich with minerals, it seems hard to believe that this is the only location for this enterprize. I join with our MP and Physicians in opposing the Ajax Mine in its current proposed setting.

Philip Snyman on 2011-12-16 02:01:37

The proposed mine should not, and will not run roughshod over the wishes of the citizens of this community. Its tarnished international reputation and persistant arrogance certainly do not endear themselves to the average citizen in this outdoors enthused community. Its appeal to pseudo-science and dinasor propoganda are counterproductive and will not succeed. Time to send the owners packing. Good riddance I say. As to the seduction of a few hundred jobs at the expense of environmental damage, economic downturn in tourism, and the inevitable human suffering with the rise in pediatric respiratory ailments to name a few - any fool can see the risks outweigh the hyped-up benefits. Prostitution of our resources does bring in a paycheck (yawn). This is not in dispute. But the vast majority of Kamloopians (not least those in sneezing distance of the porposed site) prefer the higher ethical stance of a healthy surround for our families and friends. The medical community coupled with a groundswell of opposition such as the District Labour Council(and a steady stream of the outraged to follow) will put their minds and bodies on the line, if thats what it takes. As for me and mine, we will link arms with every decent voice in this community that resists this blight. Its that simple. Its that clear. Formal review or no review. Peter Kent or ...(name your favourite power broker), are all irrelevent in this debate. The average citizen of this community will simply not allow it. Ajax - take us on at your peril. You are hereby being served due notice.

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