Christy Clark Pledges 8 New Mines and 9 Expanded Mines by 2015

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on September 23rd, 2011 8:27am

We want to make it clear that our group is not against mining. We simply want to ensure that the proposed Ajax Mine is given a valid and impartial federal review before it is allowed to proceed in Kamloops. This week, BC Premier Christy Clark pledged, as part of her job creation plan, to create 8 new mines in BC, and expand another 9 existing mines.     

The announcement was covered by CBC and also our local Kamloops Daily News.  In the announcement, Premier Clark announced a $24 million investment to reduce regulatory delays on natural resource projects. This makes an impartial federal review even more necessary than ever.  Premier Clark's pledge to reduce regulatory delays on major natural resource projects sounds like she is committed to prematurely approving the Ajax open pit mine, along with all the pollution the mine will generate, as fast as she possibly can without taking the time to do the necessary health and environmental studies. 

On a side note, only the day before her multi-mine announcement, she was in Kamloops touting the idea of bringing more foreign students into the province.  We wonder if these foreign students are going to be attracted to Thompson Rivers University which will  be located between a pulp mill and an open pit mine, or if they'll decide to go elsewhere - which will negatively impact the city, because of the mine. 

Please help us ensure we get a federal panel review by writing to the Hon. Peter Kent, Environmental Minister of Canada. 


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