Crowd-funding Consultants Issue Report

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on April 14th, 2016 11:54am

The report from the consultants hired with crowdfunding monies (Gatepost Risk Analysis and Habitat Health Impact Consulting) has been received and submitted to the federal and provincial environmental assessment agencies. 

The 24 page report  found “many aspects of the assessment that are deficient, potentially misleading or incorrect and that undermine  the overall assertion that the health of local populations will not be meaningfully impacted.”

Author, Ken Froese, has a PhD in Environmental  Chemistry.  His conclusions questioning air quality modelling and assumptions echo those found by the City’s SLR consultants in their $300,000 study released previously.

Other scientific responses to the Ajax application reveal similar skepticism of the Ajax studies .  A federal technical report from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency describes the Ajax claim that Kamloops air quality will not be affected as “not scientifically valid and should be withdrawn”.  A related report from Interior Health Authority says the mine’s proposed dust suppression assumptions are not likely to be obtained.  Health Canada concludes that KGHM cannot state the mine will not harm air quality in Kamloops.  It should be noted that much of the health impact studies depend on the air quality data.

In short, responses from consultants and agencies reviewing the Ajax application to date, indicate serious concerns with the validity of key sections in the application.  The report we commissioned from Gatepost and Habitat is available to read in its entirety at     Click on Public Comment and then the Comment Page for Ajax.  Search for the Ajax Mine Health Review. pdf posted March 30 at 6:43am.

You may also be interested in reading the detailed KAPA submission, the well researched  comments by Dr. Jennifer Takahashi, and the in-depth submission by Bronwen Scott.   As well there are lengthy  submissions from  Elaine Sedgman (Kamloops Food Policy Council), and  Dr. Judith Naylor that are well worth the reading.   The reasons the Ajax proposal should not proceed are being well and scientifically argued.

Your own comments continue to be an important part of the opposition statement.  Multiple submissions with different concerns are acceptable.  PLEASE keep submitting your concerns regarding  the Ajax application to:  Click on Public Comment and then the Comment Page for Ajax

April 11 is the deadline for public comment submissions.


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