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Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on April 14th, 2016 11:51am

Here is a quick update as we pass the halfway point in the public comment period for the Ajax mine application.

Despite claiming they were "waiting for the scientific facts", the City Council has voted against asking KGHM to provide raw-source meteorological data.   Raw data from the climate stations, descriptions of the instrumentation used at each site, and the exact geographical co-ordinates of the climate station locations is necessary to determine the validity of conclusions reached regarding the impact of Ajax on air quality.  This data is also the basis of the health assessment conclusions.  This raw-source meteorological data remains hidden from the public.  The Environmental Assessment Office has not insisted it be provided in the same way it has not insisted that complete assay data be revealed.     

The BC Ministry of Transportation has reported its plans to close 6.8 km. of the 14 km Goose Lake Road.  This is a public road that connects Highway 5A and Lac Le Jeune Road.  It is a historical settlement road that is currently used for access and for recreational purposes by Kamloops residents.  Goose Lake road bisects the proposed  KGHM  mine site.  KGHM promised an alternate route but there is NO mention of an alternate route in the application.  Please send comments reflecting  your concerns related to this permanent road closure to the Thompson Nicola Regional District at  Comments will be received until April 11th.

The Federal Minister of the Environment, Catherine McKenna, has agreed to meet with First Nations groups to hear concerns about the mine.  No date has been set.  Minister McKenna recently turned down requests for a comprehensive panel review of the Ajax application.

Our crowdfunding donations have been used to contract with Dr. Ken Froese and Marla Orenstein to critique the Application. Dr. Ken Froese (PhD, PChem) is an environmental health scientist and owner of GatePost Risk Analysis. He has more than 20 years of experience in environmental chemistry and environmental health both in academia and in consulting practice. He is extensively experienced in all aspects of human health risk assessments. Dr. Froese specializes in applying a risk based systems approach to connect quantitative and qualitative issues of environmental health with community wellbeing.

Marla Orenstein (MSc) is an epidemiologist and president of Habitat Health Impact Consulting. She works with decision-makers in business, government and academia to assess the health of communities. She examines factors that influence community health, and assesses how social, economic or physical change might impact the health of citizens.

Our consultants continue to work on their findings related to the Ajax application.  An initial draft of their report has been prepared.   We still anticipate submission of their final report on the 60th day of the public comment period.   This final report in its entirety will be submitted to the EAO Public Comment site. 

Your comments to the Environmental Assessment Office regarding your concerns about Ajax are important.  It is a way to make your voice part of the official record.  You can submit more than a single comment if you want to write about multiple concerns.   Comments are received until April 11th at  Please make your voice heard.


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