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Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on March 7th, 2016 1:30am

There seems to be a misconception that only "in scope" comments are being received by the BC EAO website for public input on the Ajax project.  People are scared, or think - "what do I know about this".  Better leave it to others . . . 

While these feelings are important, what is even more important, is a big show of force of many comments opposing the project.  The Ajax supporters are doing a good (and loud) job supporting the project.  They are calling the opposition to this mine proposal a “vocal few”, who “say no to everything”.  This is not the case.  We are justified in our worries about this mine being built right on and over our city.  We should not be held back by politeness and deferring to others, and end up with a project that proves out our concerns.  We should not be convinced by models and promises broken, and our only recourse is a lawsuit like those launched in Malartic, PQ. 

We can leave the technical stuff for the research-minded members, and get our huge numbers to say they are worried - for whatever reason!   You can even say that your vision for our city is different.  "Soft" stuff is fine!  Fact wars will not necessarily win this PR battle.  Many comments influence the regulators and politicians, even if we don’t get a formal response.

So, no paralysis!  This is about public relations, sound comments, sound bites!   This is about defending Kamloops! 

And, don't just send in your own comments - get your kids, brothers, sisters, parents, neighbours, to do the same. There is strength in numbers.  Political decisions are all about numbers.
Your feedback is invited on the Ajax Mine project until April 11, 2016. Comments will be accepted by online form link below.


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