Expert Panel to Review Environmental Assessments

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on October 25th, 2016 5:24am

Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, has appointed a four-person expert panel to review environmental assessments for projects from pipelines to new mines across Canada. Consultations with communities and individuals will begin in September, 2016.

Kamloops Area Preservation Association has contacted McKenna and the Expert Panel, asking them to visit the City of Kamloops to learn firsthand about residents' concerns with the environmental assessment process. We pointed out that the environmental assessment of the proposed KGHM Ajax mine project has failed to fulfill the promises of comprehensiveness, rigor, transparency and fairness, and public trust in the process has been shaken. Further, we declared our frustration with the inadequacy of the Mineral Tenure Act and the whole team of Environment assessors ( who are not trained in human health effects)  to properly address the real hazards posed by a massive open-pit mine operating this close to 90,000 people.


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