Intro to Mine Tailings and Dust

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on September 13th, 2011 8:28am

The problems presented by dust from mine tailings applies equally to the dust blown from waste rock piles, blasting, crushing and hauling rock. All of these elements will be present in the proposed KGHM Ajax open pit mine.     


The City of Kamloops is located directly below and downwind of the proposed Ajax mine. About 50% of the mine property is within city limits, and for KGHM to state that this massive project will have no negative health impact on the city lacks  supportive evidence.  Consider the following facts.

There are 8 elementary schools, 4 high schools, 4 seniors residences, one hospital and one university  within 6 kilometres of the mine property. Pacific Way Elementary School and some houses are only two kilometres from the mine property.

The boundary of the proposed development of Aberdeen Highlands, designated in the City Community Plan, is only 700 metres from the proposed north waste rock facility. 

The residents of Aberdeen, Pineview Valley, Sahali and Dufferin are closest to the proposed mine, and the most exposed to the potential dust hazard. Please support the KAPA request that the federal government order an Independent Review Panel, the gold standard environmental assessment of the KGHM Ajax project.

The hazards outlined in the attached extract from the Superfund Research Program of the University of Arizona report all apply to the proposed Ajax Mine.




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