Issues that will NOT be reviewed in the Application

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on January 14th, 2016 3:59am

Here is another update related to the Ajax proposal. As we await the public release of the Ajax application on January 4th, we wish to further inform you of the issues that will NOT be reviewed in the application as they have been ruled “out of scope” by the company and leaders of the assessment process.  They include:

Corporate structure

Financial liability becomes a big concern when you know that Ajax is owned by a numbered company based in Vancouver which in turn is linked to two numbered companies headquartered in Luxemburg.  Will the tax benefits promised actually materialize in BC or elsewhere?  Will the parent company escape financial responsibility for any problems that occur with Ajax?  This whole area of discussion is “out of scope”.


The proponent has conducted much of its recent drilling on satellite deposits that will not be included in the application.  All these deposits are closer to the city.  If approved, the Ajax  operation can be expanded at a later date to include mining of these closer deposits without another environmental assessment.  The public is only permitted to comment on the original application.

Property Values

Hedonic regressions are accepted tools in the socio economic field to assess the downward effects on property values of noise, light, blasting, dust etc.  The current review does not require the proponent to use quantitative methodology like this to determine effects of the Ajax proposal on property values.  The mine proposed is located in the area designated to accommodate 49% of the City’s future growth.  The devaluation of property will therefore affect not only individual property owners but also developers and the City, which will lose a substantial portion of its future tax base (and the City will NOT be generating any taxes from Ajax to compensate for this loss).  Failing to require a thorough, quantitative analysis of effects on property values is a major deficiency in the current assessment.

Public Cross Examination

Also missing from the current review is any opportunity for public cross examination of application data and conclusions.  Many contend that the only real way to arrive at the truth is through a process that allows for cross examination.  A full panel review would permit public cross examination of information, while this remains another deficiency in the current process.

We will continue to raise the public concerns related to the “out of scope” issues as part of the public comment despite their exclusion from the Ajax application.


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