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Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on September 30th, 2015 10:45am

From www.kamloopsbcnow.com, September 13, 2015

Futuristic Newspaper Takes Satirical Stance Against Open-Pit Mining

A new publication in Kamloops is putting a lighthearted spin on local environmental issues.

Kamloops Direly News released the first issue, and it is a newspaper set in the future taking a satirical stance on the current issues in Kamloops, specifically having an open-pit mine near the city.

The newspaper printed 3,000 copies that have been distributed among willing businesses, waiting rooms, and public spaces in Kamloops. Direly News is also relying on social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, to spread their message.

The newspaper is dated “Fall 2025” and the stories range from a landslide destroying the house of “MLA Tailer Pond” to schools preventing outdoor physical activity, and sports teams refusing to play in the Tournament Capital because of poor air quality.

The main topic of discussion throughout the articles written is the “KMGH-Rejex” open-pit mine. The timing of the publication coincides with the submission of KGHM Ajax’s submission of their environmental assessment application.

“The message is: this could be your future. The stories seem exaggerated… but are they?” representatives of Kamloops Direly News said. “We want Kamloopsians to consider the process, to question the models, to look at what is going on around the world with respect to open-pit mining near populations.”

The publication shines light on environmental disasters at the Mount Polley Mine in the Cariboo, and the Malartic Mine in Quebec.

“Woven throughout the stories are references to known outcomes of open-pit mining: dust, reduced air quality, and respiratory concerns. Those are real and documented for mines currently in operation,” Kamloops Direly News said. “We want Kamloopsians to really think about the future of their town – to defend their city from a large open-pit mine to be unearthed right on the edge of the city, blasting every day, 365 days a year.”

As for the people behind the paper, they wish to remain anonymous. Those behind the publication said they are not affiliated with the groups publicly opposed to KGHM Ajax, such as the Kamloops Area Preservation Association, and they are afraid of being openly targeted because of their satirical newspaper.

“We are being called geniuses, and the work brilliant. Some call it fearmongering, but the future could indeed be frightening,” Kamloops Direly News representatives said.


Kamloops Direly News does plan on publishing more newspapers in the future as funds allow, and they are aiming to release a “Spring 2026” issue.


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