Lake Refuses to Meet

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on August 6th, 2014 11:28am

MLA Terry Lake has refused to meet with KAPA representatives and his own constituents to discuss mining issues until the environmental assessment is completed, sometime in 2015. Sixty of us picketed his office and talked to the media about four topics that need to be discussed now.

  • the need for a new public comment period to address issues with the new mine plan
  • the need for a full Health Impact Assessment which assesses overall human health as well as water and air quality
  • the need for substantial revision to the Mineral Tenure Act, which, among many other revisions, needs to require consultation with communities that may be affected before any mining activity begins.
  • The implications of the  tailings pond location, in view of the recent catastrophic failure of the Mount Polley tailings pond dam


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