Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on August 16th, 2013 10:59am

The following letter was sent to the Kamloops Daily News and Kamloops This Week newspapers and also sent to us for posting on the website.


Regarding the proposed AJAX mine presently undergoing a supposed review I would like to add my thoughts as to the disastrous effects this will have on Kamloops.

I believe, should this mine be developed, it will forever change the character of Kamloops as a desirable community to live.

Nothing against resource development in general, just that the idea of an open pit mine such as this in the city of Kamloops is totally insane!

Other people have commented of the negative effects this mine will have on the community, Health Care, etc so I would just like to point out one additional negative effect that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

I believe, that should this mine be approved there would be an obvious re-adjustment of property values within the community. 

It would seem that many areas in South Kamloops would see an eventual reduction in value and consequently many areas of North Kamloops would see an increase in value. Not withstanding this adjustment in property values it may be probable that within Kamloops the result would be a NET REDUCTION in overall property assessment values.

I wonder how City Hall would adjust to this?

Would they bring in a reduced city budget? Would they lay off staff, maybe our Mayor and city councilors would step up to the plate and take pay cuts! But I think not.

It seems to me that in the event city tax revenues fall as a result of this readjustment in property values, the probable result is the usual “RAISE THE TAXES APPROACH”. In this case an increase in the city Property Tax Mill Rate. Should this be the case, GUESS WHAT:

People, most of whom will not derive any economic benefit from this proposed mine, and in fact will suffer from all the negative effects; environmental destruction, noise, toxic dust, explosives emissions, exhaust and other pollutants, will in effect, be financially subsidizing this mine. If this is the case we will actually have the effect of increasing taxes to many citizens of Kamloops without regard to their income. In effect we could have low income families, seniors, and others paying to support a multi billion dollar International Corporation to destroy our city.

Kamloops in recent years has managed to increase it’s economic base in a more intelligent matter with Sports, Sportsman, Adventure Tourism, and other Lifestyle activities and also has promoted itself as a place for Seniors relocation. Somehow I don’t think AJAX fits into this picture.

I, for one, would not be looking forward to breathing this toxic laden dust in 40 degree, low humidity, Summer heat weather conditions that could possibility be combined with a weather inversion, to make matters even worse.


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