Radio NL Misinformation

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on July 28th, 2015 5:13am

A recent Radio NL story said the following:

Who are they, where are they? Group opposed to the Ajax Copper Mine admits that they can't prove earlier claims that 150 Kamloops businesses are against the Ajax Copper Mine.

Unfortunately, the Radio NL story about business letters to Minister of Energy and Mines, Bill Bennett, opposing the Ajax mine is based on misinformation.

On June 8, the following letter-to-the-editor was sent to Kamloops This Week and the Armchair Mayor.

During a month-long campaign in May, 150 Kamloops business owners who are known opponents of the proposed Ajax mine, were asked to sign a letter of opposition to Minister of Energy and Mines, Bill Bennett. Signees personalized their letters with additional comments and sent them individually by Canada Post to the Minister. Many chose to write their own letters of opposition under company letterhead. Organizers felt that individual letters would have more impact than a single letter with 150 signatures. The campaign was conducted by members of Kamloops Area Preservation Association and Kamloops E-mail Network of Concerned Citizens. Names of the signees are being kept confidential.

The Armchair Mayor did not report this accurately in its article of June 8. It said:

A letter from 42 business leaders supporting Ajax has been countered with letters from 150 business owners opposing it, but the identities of the opponents wont be revealed. Anne Neave of the Kamloops Area Preservation Association said Monday a month-long campaign during May resulted in 150 copies of a letter, personalized with additional comments, being mailed individually to B.C. Mines Minister Bill Bennett.

When contacted by other media it was emphasized that we had asked these businesses to send letters individually, we did not know how many letters had been sent in total, and that the names of the businesses that we asked were being kept confidential. The letter-to-the-editor to Kamloops This Week and Armchair Mayor was never published.


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