Resident of Kamloops Speaks Out

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on February 13th, 2012 9:42pm

The following letter was recently sent to the BCEAO/CEAA officials as the author's response to the Ajax mine proposal. A copy was also sent to KAPA. The letter epitomizes the concerns an increasing number of Kamloops residents have concerning the proposal to locate this huge mine far too close to Kamloops. It should serve as a wake up call to our city councillors that is is high time they did more than just sit back and wait to see what will happen. Doesn't the city, having requested a federal panel review - and been refused - feel any responsibility in the issue? How has the city followed up on it's request for answers to questions, sent in a letter to the BCEAO last July? Have any replies been received, and if so, will that information be made public? We can only hope that it won't be left to individuals, and organizations such as KAPA to insist on a fair and transparent response to legitimate questions.


Dear Environmental Assessors of the KGHM Ajax Mine Proposal:

After reading the displays prepared by the Environmental Agencies, based on information prepared by KGHM Ajax Mining Inc., on February 7, 2012, I have a heavy heart.  I am afraid that the mine is a "done deal".  However, I can only hope that my questions will be answered and my concerns addressed by the KGHM Ajax Mining Company.  In reality, I hope that this mine will not be situated so close to my home in Aberdeen. 

1. I have asthma and take Advair twice a day.  Can you assure me that the air in Aberdeen and Kamloops, as a whole, will not deteriorate as a result of the Ajax mine situated in such close proximity to my home and partially within Kamloops' city boundaries?

2. We have enjoyed the serenity and tranquillity of Aberdeen for twenty-five years, as we have raised our four children. Can you assure me that the noise from the incessant mine traffic and blasting will not affect the quietude that we enjoy in Aberdeen?

3. Our home is our fortune. After raising four children and assisting them to attain university degrees, what we have left of value is our home in Aberdeen.

a. Can you assure me that there will be no structural damage inflicted on our home as a result of the close proximity of blasting?

b. Can you also assure me that the real estate value of our home will not be de-valued by the mine's proximity to Aberdeen and the environmental impacts associated with it?

4. The mine will displace and destroy many areas where we enjoy recreational activities.  For example, we like to kayak and fish on Jacko Lake.  Every fall, my husband tramps the trails that surround Inks Lake hunting for deer and snowshoes the same area in winter. What are you planning to do to provide alternate untouched wilderness areas close to our home in which we may pursue our recreational activities?

5. Although our children are adults who live elsewhere, we are concerned with the mine's proximity to two vibrant elementary schools. How will you protect the children of Aberdeen from the dangers and the adverse environmental impacts of the mine?

To conclude, I love my home.  I like my neighbours.  I love the neighbourhood of Aberdeen. Our clean, clear air, the quietude of our surroundings, the natural beauty of our location, and the safety that we enjoy have made my adult life here one to be envied.  My final question to KGHM Ajax Mining is what gives you the right to destroy my life here in Aberdeen as I have known it for twenty-five years?



Heather Mewhort


Donna Bishop on 2012-02-14 01:10:38

Thankyou Heather, for voicing your questions and concerns about the Ajax Mine Proposal - I wholeheartedly agree with you and share your concerns!

Glennis on 2012-02-14 08:50:12

Thank you Heather! You've covered many if not all of my concerns. Well done.

kitty chavarie on 2012-02-14 08:57:25

Enough of old school technologies, mining is an outdated source of income for folks who want short term gain and long term pain..!!! We moved to Kamloops for its advantages, THIS is a whooping huge disadvantage!! NO TIME FOR A MINE!! STOP this nonsense before we all move away !!

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