Site C Dam Presentation

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on April 14th, 2016 11:56am

On April 20, 7 PM at Room IB 1015, TRU, the Sierra Club of B.C. and the TRU Faculty Association Human Rights Committee are co-hosting a meeting about the Site C Dam, with two speakers:

Julian Napoleon, Saulteau First Nation

Ana Simeon, Sierra Club of B.C.

KAPA has argued in its submissions that the cumulative effects of the Ajax project involve the need to build large power projects like Site C in order to provide cheap, subsidized power to the mine (Ajax will use nearly 15% of the power Site C would generate). Conversely, it can be argued that a cumulative effect of Site C is mines like Ajax.  Both projects should be seen as conjoined parasites causing massive and long-term environmental destruction, and being subsidized by the taxpayers of B.C.

The Sierra Club of  B.C. is actively supporting our fight against Ajax . Given the connections between Site C and Ajax (literally the copper wires connecting the mine to the Hydro grid), we encourage you to attend this meeting to show your support.


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