Telus Building New Data Centre in Kamloops

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on November 9th, 2011 10:10am

The potential jobs that the proposed KGHM Ajax Mine will create has been the number one, if not only, reason behind the pro-mine movement in Kamloops. With that being said, Kamloops has just been ranked in the top 3 cities in the province of BC for real estate investment over the next 5 years, predominantly because of our already-growing economy. We would like to pose the question of how much of this existing growth would be affected by the mine, should it be approved? With 2 world-class datacentres being built in Kamloops already how would the decisions for those datacentres have been made if the mine was already in place? 

The above link mentions the announcement of Telus building a datacentre in Kamloops, and creating approximately 200 jobs in Kamloops. In additon, the Q9 datacentre that is already built on McGill is of equal size. With regards to Telus' decision: 


“It’s exposure for Kamloops in that we’ll be seen as a technology centre with major projects like this,” said Dan Sulz, executive director of Venture Kamloops. He added that the location was ideal for a data centre.

Telus spokesman Shawn Hall mentions:


Because of the strong work force, the access to power and the stability of the location from an environmental standpoint, Hall says that it’s a match made in telecom heaven.

If we have an open pit mine 2 kilometres away from town, what would that do to Kamloops' image as a budding technology centre, tourism destination, and overall healthy city based on our Communities in Bloom awards and our self proclaimed Tournament Capital of Canada status? The number of Olympic athletes that come to train in Kamloops would not be here if the mine was affecting their air quality. How would Telus and Q9 have decided on the location of their datacentres if the mine was here?


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