Tips & Topics for Public Comment Submissions

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on December 9th, 2014 11:11am

The deadline for submission of public comments to the BC Environmental Assessment Office is December 18.  We all know how busy December can be!  Why not take some time now before you get too busy to submit your comments?  We hope to inspire you with some Tips and Topics:

*Your comments should be about the changes to the mine plan.
*Keep them short.
*Send 1 or 2 comments per submission.
*It’s OK to send multiple submissions.

Suggested Topics:

1.  Lack of disclosure of assay data is preventing the governments from
determining the likelihood of additional mining activity and therefore
inclusion of such activities in the cumulative effects assessment.  The fact
that government is not requiring this disclosure means that it is government
which is being neglectful of its duties to perform a comprehensive, rigorous

2. Tailings capacity is less than the amount of ore to be mined.  This
implies either a cap on mining activity (unlikely), or a larger tailings
facility or another tailings facility.

3. Concentration of all mine activities in the Peterson Creek watershed
significantly increases the risk of an accident or failure to the city of

4. Drying up of the Peterson Creek wetlands in the area the creek will be
diverted suggests the need for a new Valued Component, in this case, beaver,
which are probably largely responsible for these wetlands and which will be
decimated due to the diversion.

5. If the remaining portion of Jacko Lake that is not filled in is
deleteriously affected from the mine dust and vibration to the point that
the fish population is destroyed, how will this loss be compensated?

6. Will KGHM provide corporate guarantees for the underlying companies it
controls that own the Ajax mine, if there is insufficient bonding and
insurance to cover any liabilities that arise?

7. The Tailings Storage Facility cuts off  the Goose Lake Road - no mention of where the new road will be.

8. Devastating impact on local rancher whose property will be flooded by the Tailings Storage Facility.

9. What measures will ensure that the rancher  whose house is next to the East Waste Rock Storage Facility will be protected from dust, noise, and vibration from 24/7 rock dumping.?

10. West Embankment is too close to route of Trans Mountain pipeline - won't allow room for movement of soil, or seepage pond at toe of dam or subsequent repairs.

11. Major toxic dust source from the beaches of the Tailings Storage Facility.

12. Breaching of any of the 4 dams, all within the Peterson Creek watershed, will have catastrophic results on workers in the pit as well  the City of Kamloops 2000 ft. below.

13, Pollinators in urban gardens, such as bees & moths,  are not considered under Terrestrial Invertebrates.

14. Commercial agriculture is specifically excluded from the Health Impact study.

15. Moisture uptake by prevailing winds from the 6 sq. km. Tailings Storage Facility will contribute to fog/smog in Kamloops valley.

16. Danger of rockslide onto Lac le Jeune Road if West Embankment fails, even after closure of the mine.

17. Danger of rockslide from East Waste Rock Storage Facility onto house right next door.

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