Update on Ajax Application deficiencies

Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on January 14th, 2016 4:00am

In our previous update, we identified some of the “out of scope” issues that will be omitted from the application, and indicated our intention to continue to raise them during the public comment period as ongoing issues of public concern. 

Once the application is submitted in January, we will be looking at the Ajax application with particular attention to deficiencies as they relate to the study of health impacts.  Medical Health Officer, Dr. P. Barss, outlined the information requirements for conducting a proper health assessment in a letter on June 21, 2012.  Despite his clear outline, there is significant documentation regarding how the scope of the Ajax health assessment has been restricted. Additional to this identification of deficiencies will be our own consultants’ report.  Their report will also focus on the issues in the application that relate to health impacts.

We will also be looking in the application for deficiencies in the submission of assay data.  Mercury, arsenic, asbestos, and uranium (along with other non-target elements) are present in the Ajax deposit.  How much can only be estimated from drilling data.  To date the proponent has been unwilling to release complete assay data, either to the public or to their own shareholders.  Select samples of assay data do not constitute acceptable disclosure as this process allows for manipulation of the data to meet permitting standards.

We continue to line up people with expertise to help critique various aspects of the thousands of pages of application information.

Much work lies ahead, but we pause to experience and celebrate the joys of the Christmas season.  To you and yours we send wishes for a very Merry Christmas.  May we all be re-energized through time with family and friends. 


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