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Posted by Stop Ajax Mine on August 24th, 2015 11:42am

We hope your summer is going well.  Here is a quick update on the “ Help Stop Ajax Mine” crowdfunding appeal.

Hello to all our donors:


The mining company (KGHM) has still not submitted an application to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), although public statements suggest it will be submitted by the end of September.  We have begun the process of identifying suitable experts to critique priority areas of the mine’s application.   Hiring decisions will await the acceptance of the mine’s application by the EAO.  The EAO has thirty days to determine if the application is acceptable “as is” or if it will be returned to the applicant for further work.


You may have seen news reports regarding the City Council request to the crowdfunding organizers.  City Council asked that we consider donating the crowdfunding monies to assist in funding the City’s review of the Ajax application by a pre-selected firm.   We declined the invitation on ethical grounds.  Our obligation to you, our donors, is to fulfill the original purpose of the crowdfunding appeal which made no mention of the City’s review or its pre-selected consulting firm.


Here is an excerpt from the letter responding to the City request:


“With respect to your inquiry regarding additional contributions, we are unable to contribute crowdfunding monies that were solicited by our coalition for the sole purpose of our collective groups’

identification and hiring of independent experts to critique deficiencies in the application.  The crowdfunding appeal made no mention of involvement with the City or the use of any pre-selected consulting firm.  We cannot change the parameters of the appeal after the fact; to do so would be a breach of trust. “


We believe that the more eyes on the application, the more complete the examination.  This will be to the benefit of everyone.



We are continuing to identify qualified experts, and will move to the hiring process once the application is submitted.    It is our intention to coordinate our efforts with those of the City and First Nations groups where possible.


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